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Grown in Wellsville NY: Florette cannabis is now available across New York

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Florette is the first legal cannabis sold in Allegany County since legalization

By Andrew Harris, smiling

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting the Florette facility in Wellsville,  where I had the opportunity to join the grow team for a comprehensive tour of their operations, gaining insight into each stage of their process. The tour was led by Victor “Vinnie” Samolis, a well known professional cannabis farmer who came to Wellsville from Maine to grow for Florette. Vinnie has been with the team since the beginning. 

The Florette team was gracious enough to invite us to visit the facility in Wellsville and it was interesting to see a professional, legal cannabis operation in the works. It reminded me of a restaurant kitchen, with state licenses prominently displayed, some people are trimming plants and some rolling the perfect joint, and a “concentrates master” is building “infused joints.” A notable member from the Florette Crew is @sugarcreek_cpo (Brandon) with a rich cultivation history dating back to 2005. His approach to genetics is a combination of old school and new, with his cultivation approach being a mixture of art, science and technology. 

The initial menu that Florette offers is very impressive, and we’ve tried most of them.

We, is me and another trusted and seasoned afficionado who can’t be named for security reasons. He’s well schooled and he’s skilled with many years of experience. Cannabis might be legal but that doesn’t mean we are free from “reefer madness.” 

In the spirit of New York State’s enthusiasm for the wine, beer, and spirits industry, this review of three top Florette products is in hopes that willing readers will support Florette with a purchase. In the spirit of full disclosure, the licensed dispensary Canterra, DBA AlleCatt Cannabis Company, is a marketing partner, and we all agree that the Florette crew are top shelf.  Shop online anytime and have Florette delivered to your home, legally and discreetly.

Let’s start with the simple basic cannabis flower. You can smoke it, bake with it, or create topicals and tinctures. Florette is selling personal portions of several different strains that you can learn more about by visiting their website. After days of careful smelling, tasting, and lip smacking(just like wine snobs do,) the attention to flavor was a hallmark. But the standout, in both essence and impact was “Sherbanger.” Just like when you pop a wine cork and smell it, opening this jar was rewarding. However the Florette team and Mother Nature worked together to create a dried plant flower that smells like sherbert…. it works. Such a sweet and tangy smell which transcends into the taste and mood. Unlike the dessert this strain is named after, enjoying Sherbanger before dinner, is advised. 

Sherbanger, from

**Elevate your outdoor adventures** with Sherbanger. This vibrant blend of Sunset Sherbet and Headbanger brings together the exhilaration of the wilderness with its sour and sweet essence. Ideal for those moments when you’re basking in the glory of a mountain peak or finding your zen in a secluded forest. Sherbanger is your ally in making every outdoor pursuit memorable and stylish, perfect for the explorer who appreciates nature’s grandeur alongside a touch of elegance.

Like two jerks drinking and analyzing Chardonney and Merlot, we did a full tasting of “minis,” or Florette’s line of half sized joints, equipped with great natural filters. Haley’s Comet was uplifting, Ghost Pure Kush was surreal, Tahoe OG made movie night perfect, but Rainbow Breath… oh Rainbow Breath. While sometimes the nomenclature can create a predisposition, this was true!! A smoother, cleaner smoke than I can ever remember. My accomplice, however shadowy, was equally impressed and not just with the taste: “Oh that was the best way possible to end the day ! Total bliss and relaxation.”

Rainbow Breath, from

Elevate your senses to a realm of peaceful excitement** with Rainbow Breath. This strain, meticulously cultivated in our artisan gardens, offers a symphony of earthy undertones and bright fruity accents. Ideal for moments of creative inspiration or tranquil reflection, Rainbow Breath is your gateway to a sublime journey.

Florette has a really fun way to give four different strains of Allegany County NY flower a try, think microbrewery. Just like trying four different beers on tap, the “Tasting Flight Bag” is a perfect party favor, birthday gift, or a way to make the weekend way more interesting. A nice nugget of each strain is included in the current “flight bag.”

Click on each strain for more information:

Albany Sour: A great take on the “Sour Diesel” family. Great citrusy flavor, a buzz like gentle caffeine.

Pave: A true hybrid with superb flavors and a very agreeable impact. Not as indicia heavy as the name suggests and the terpenes are just right for maximum flavor.

Tahoe OG: Kayak ganja! This indicia dominate hybrid is perfect for long walks or “riding down the river in an old canoe!”

Black Maple A rare flower indeed. Like a dark beer or lush zinfendal this indicia heavy strain is delicious and great to end the day.

Me and my taste testing partner really enjoyed this variety pack approach. Like a pair of bourbon snobs, we sat around talking about backnotes, forward flavors, and cerebral impact. This tasting bag is really a indicator of the future of cannabis. The choices and variety are seemingly endless, there is a large range of flavors and experiences to enjoy. This flight of cannabis was so enjoyable that a well-known Grateful Dead lyric sums up the experience:

“Nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile”

This is the first time in over 100 years that cannabis was farmed and sold legally in Wellsville NY, Allegany County. In the early 1900’s growing hemp, or cannabis, in this area was a normal, and profitable farm. A Hallsport NY dentist patented a oral anesthetic with a main ingredient of cannabis sativa during that time. It wasn’t until the prohibitionist culture of the 1920’s became a political power that cannabis was outlawed and harshly prosecuted to this day in many parts of the United States. 

Congratulations on the Florette team for making history and growing some cannabis that would make Willie Nelson proud.  Stay tuned for regular updates from Florette and news about new products hitting the market(yes edibles are coming!)

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