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The Barrel Rested Gin Mojito: A Unique Twist on a Classic Cocktail at Barrelhouse 6

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Experience a unique twist on the classic mojito at Barrelhouse 6 with their Gin-Barrel Mojito, featuring barrel rested gin.

Experience a unique twist on the classic mojito at Barrelhouse 6 with their Mojito, featuring barrel rested gin.

A review by Jim Moore

Stepping into Barrelhouse 6 on a wonderful warm early summer afternoon, I was intrigued to see that they had a mojito available. As you may know, a classic Cuban Mojito is a refreshing cocktail that blends the zesty flavors of fresh lime juice and mint leaves with a hint of sweetness from sugar or simple syrup. It typically features white rum, club soda, and is served over ice, garnished with a sprig of mint. I fell in love with the classic Cuban cocktail in Key West FL and have since enjoyed them is places up and down the east coast and in Mexico. Knowing that the foundation of a classic mojito is rum, and that rum is traditionally distilled from sugar cain I was intriqued to learn how a New York State distillery could capture the sweet refreshing taste of the concoction using NY State ingredients. Savanah, our friendly mixologist, informed us that the Barrelhouse 6 mojito replaced the rum with barrel-rested gin.

After a quick muddle Savanah set before me a tall glass of what looked deliciously like the an iconic, crisp, cool mojito. Upon my first sip, the gin’s crispness was evident, combined with the tangy citrus and fresh mint. It provided a refreshing experience, offering a cool, minty flavor. However, compared to the traditional Cuban mojito’s sweetness from rum, this version lacked the rum’s sugary goodness. Overall, the New York distilled spirit version was a fun, refereshing experience on a warm afternoon overlooking Keuka Lake. The Barrelhouse 6 team of crafters and mixologists deserve high honors for finding a way to capture the experience of a rum-based drink with our home state spirits. While the Gin-Barrel Mojito didn’t replace the classic rum mojito for me, it offered a unique twist and showcased Barrelhous 6’s creativity, dedication to hospitality, and expertise.

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