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Disclosure has begun; everything will change !

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Extraterrestrial technology is being investigated, Schumer vows full disclosure

A Column by Frederick Sinclair, pictured is Dr. Steven Greer

Several articles ago, we reported on the US Senate deliberating legislation that would have lifted the veil of secrecy and exposed decades of resistance  to the public accessing advanced technologies. We have been denied access to solutions that could resolve growing problems facing mankind and our planet. The Whistleblower Protection Act and the formation of a House Oversight Select Committee would have thrown open the doors to formal investigation regarding the retrieval of crashed extraterrestrial vehicles (UFOs) and the ongoing reverse engineering (harvesting) of their highly advanced technologies. The proposed legislation was attached to the Armed Forces Appropriation Act and powerful influencers in the Pentagon and intelligence community orchestrated a gutting of the investigative proposals. Only a weak token authorization, to view limited select documents, was passed into law. NYS Senator Schumer vowed to continue pursuing full disclosure but the session of Congress recently adjourned with little or no progress toward that end.

Steven Greer MD (Greer) is a retired emergency trauma surgeon who, for more than thirty years, has been gathering information on downed UFOs as well as  testimony from high level officers, actual UFO retrieval crews and whistleblowers. Greer has founded and developed The Disclosure Project and has been formally briefing US Presidents, Joint Chiefs of the Armed Forces, Generals and world leaders on his findings, including solid proof, for decades. These high level officials are continuously denied access, to these ‘beyond Top Secret’ unauthorized illegal programs and projects. They are also repeatedly turned away by the very agencies and industries, under contract, that they are responsible to oversee. The failure of the current Congress and administration to force disclosure of the truth in these matters has left Greer with no other alternative than to initiate an independent public disclosure to the entire world.

Greer has privately launched a half million dollar internet based  platform containing a multi terra byte searchable database. The website contains his entire archive of UFO  information and documentation and access is free to the public at  Initially, the Disclosure Project Intelligence Archive (DPIA) includes 115 identified military and corporate whistleblowers and 650 ‘masked’ summary statements, as well as hundreds of documents and video testimony. Extensive listings and locations of top secret military and industry UFO research facilities are included. Sites are also revealed where Undisclosed Special Access Projects. (USAPs), connected to UFO retrieval, are secretly reproducing and hiding advanced technologies that could help solve environmental and energy problems. These technologies involve access to electromagnetic energy fields similar to those sources that Nicola Tesla identified. Tesla’s energy experiments were shut down by JP Morgan because it could be freely accessed and could not be metered to provide revenue. There are also UFO propulsion systems being secretly reverse engineered that could significantly reduce air pollution as well as revolutionize transport of goods and travel. It is reasonable  that certain new and or recovered technologies, which could be weaponized , should be controlled in the name of national security. However, over 5,000 new energy saving devices have also been slapped with secrecy orders by the US Patent and Trademark Office and inventors, under penalty of jail time, were prevented from producing inventions which might have solved our fossil fuel and energy dilemma decades ago. Extreme and viscous multi trillion dollar industrial, corporate, investor and controlling government interests are blocking the release of discoveries which could foster meaningful evolution of energy and propulsion systems. Where government protection of whistleblowers has been blocked, however, a special independent network of protections is being established that will help pierce the veil of secrecy and further allow the truth to be revealed.

Future articles will dive deeper into what DPIA reveals and the how and why of the criminal enterprises denying access. Rest assured, disclosure has begun; everything will change!

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