Hornell Prepares for Solar Eclipse Spectacle

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Hornell, NY prepares for an exciting celestial event as it falls directly in the path of the 2024 solar eclipse, promising a memorable experience for all

Hornell, NY is gearing up for an astronomical event of a lifetime as it falls directly in the path of the 2024 solar eclipse. On April 8, 2023, the city anticipates experiencing a deep partial eclipse, with 99.74% of the sun expected to be blocked out.

The focal point of the event will be Shawmut Park, where a range of activities and attractions are planned. Vendors will be on-site, offering a variety of goods and services, and there will be live video streaming from NASA for those who want to witness the eclipse in its full glory.

One of the highlights of the day will be the distribution of free eclipse glasses, allowing attendees to safely view the eclipse. Hornell Schools will provide glasses to their students, and an additional 2000 pairs will be available for other guests.

Local businesses and organizations, including Forever 6ix Apparel, are joining forces to make the event unforgettable. Forever 6ix Apparel is offering custom items for purchase, with a percentage of sales going to the Friends of the Hornell Public Library.

The event will also feature a range of activities for all ages, including STEM activities and solar sales from businesses around town. In case of inclement weather, a large projector will display the eclipse live from NASA.

With the community’s input, organizers are working to finalize the event’s activities and ensure it’s a day to remember for all. For more information and updates, visit the Hornell Chamber of Commerce website.

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