Appellate Court Denies Steuben County’s Appeal, Sheriff’s Office to Proceed with Court-Ordered Deposition

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The New York State Appellate Court's recent denial of Steuben County's appeal marks a pivotal point in the ongoing legal dispute with the Sheriff's Office.

In a recent development, the New York State Appellate Court has denied Steuben County’s appeal, allowing the court-ordered deposition of a County Legislator to proceed. The deposition is part of an ongoing legal battle stemming from resolutions passed by the county government in September 2023.

The resolutions aimed to strip the Sheriff’s liability protections under the Public Officer Law and require him to purchase millions of dollars of liability insurance at his own expense. The Sheriff challenged these resolutions, leading to a stay granted by the New York State Supreme Court pending further hearings.

Following an initial court hearing, the Supreme Court ordered the deposition of a legislator who was present during the closed executive sessions leading to the resolution vote. This deposition is intended to provide firsthand information to help determine whether the county “acted in bad faith.”

Despite the denial of the appeal, the legal fight has continued, leading to prolonged proceedings and the use of taxpayer funds. However, Steuben County residents have been assured that the Sheriff and the men and women of the Sheriff’s Office remain dedicated to their public safety mission and serving the community.

For more information about the Steuben County Sheriff’s Office, including its activities, programs, and duties, residents are encouraged to follow the office on Facebook at Steuben County Sheriff’s Office or visit the Steuben County Sheriff’s Office App and website.

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